MARATHONFEST: The Summer/Fall Training Session
June 5, 2018 to January 13, 2019

Chicago, Marine Corps, New York, Space Coast, OUC Half, Jacksonville, and Disney 

MarathonFest’s Summer/Fall Session offers three group workouts each week targeting speed, strength, and endurance.  Weekday workouts target speed and strength. Saturday runs focus on endurance.   If you can comfortably run 3 miles, you can build to 13.1 or 26.2 miles. Achieve your goal of running a half or full marathon with us! 

Training Tip: If you are interested in joining MarathonFest in June, we suggest you join the March to May session of Five & Dime or Zero to Fit for conditioning. Either of these programs will help prepare you for the rigors of marathon training. 

All runners are assigned to Pace Groups for the weekend runs with runners of similar pace for company and support. Please check our Pace Group Leader page BEFORE registering to be sure we have a Pace Group that fits your training needs.  TRAINING FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Pace Pace Groups Leaders »


Session I: January - May (Winter/Spring)
Session II: June - January (Summer/Fall)
Annual Membership is available for January enrollment only

Upcoming Session

Session II: June 5, 2018 to January 13, 2019

3 Days / Week

Tuesdays 5:00 am or 6:00 pm workouts - Track workouts designed
for distance runners. Meet  at the Glenridge Middle School track.

Thursdays 5:00 am or 6:00pm workouts - Hill and tempo runs
for building strength and stamina. Meet at Glenridge Middle School.

Saturday – 2525 Cady Way, Winter Park
Weekend Start times vary between 4:00 am
and 5:30 am and are determined by Pace Group Leaders.
Please check Pace Groups to see if there is a suitable pace group for you. 

Printable MarathonFest Orientation »


Chicago, Marine Corps, NYC, and Space Coast begin training at 10 miles
Disney Full Marathon begins training at 4 miles
ALL Half Marathon training begins at 4 miles 

Susan Paul
Amanda Morehead

Pace Groups Leaders »


$175 New Members- One Session
$150 Alumni* Members- One Session
$250 Annual Membership- Two Sessions: January and June* 
(*Offered in Session I ONLY)

*An alumni is one who has participated in this specific
training program within the last two years.

There will be a $25.00 late fee added to anyone
who signs up for MarathonFest after the start date.



Susan Paul, Training Program Director

Program Benefits

  • A training schedule

  • Coached workouts 

  • Weekly e-mails

  • Runs supported with water and/or sports drink 

  • Discount Card for merchandise at Track Shack

  • Access to Florida Hospital professionals

  • Registration discount on OUC Orlando Half registration 

Pace Groups

Runners are divided into Pace Groups for Weekend Runs. Each Pace Group has one or more Pace Group Leaders that plan the route and set the appropriate run pace. All participants must meet the Pace Group pace requirements. Please check to see if there is a Pace Group for YOU before registering. Coaches and Pace Groups »

Runners unable to meet MarathonFest’s prerequisites are encouraged to join one of our other training programs.

Training Locations

Weekday workouts are offered both in the morning and the evening on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These workouts are NOT organized by pace group, so runners may attend either workout that best fits their day. Just show up ready to run. If you cannot make the weekday workouts, please run similar mileage on your own. 

TUESDAYS - Attend the 5:00 am OR the 6:00 pm Track Workout
- Meet on the Glenridge Middle School track, Orlando
- Runners should arrive 15-30 minutes EARLY to warm up BEFORE the workout begins

THURSDAYS - Attend the 5am OR the 6pm Tempo or Hill Run Workout
- 5:00 am meet in the bus lane at Glenridge Middle School, Orlando
- 6:00 pm meet BEHIND Glenridge Middle School, Orlando in the parking lot
- Runners should arrive 15-30 minutes EARLY to warm up BEFORE the workout begins

SATURDAYS* - 2525 Cady Way, Winter Park; meet in the Cady Way Bike Trail parking lot

*Field Trips

The Summer/Fall Session will take some weekend field trips to Apopka and/or Clermont for hill training. Detailed information will be provided in the weekly emails from the Program Director and Pace Group Leaders. View start locations »

Rain Policy

Training programs run in the rain! Coaches are present for every workout and workouts are only cancelled if lightning is present in the area at that time.

Refund and Late Policy

Refund and Late Fee Policy- The Training Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Runners registering AFTER the start date will be charged an ADDITIONAL $25 FEE. Please note that the price of the program is not pro-rated based on attendance.  


NOTE: The Track Shack Fitness Training Programs are designed for persons over the age of 18. Persons younger than 18 interested in training, should check with their school for running/fitness programs or check out Cheetahs Running Club.