Review Pre-Race Instructions

What you read and hear will not only help guide you through the course but will keep you safe allowing for a better experience.

Line Up Correctly

At the start of the race, it is of utmost importance that you align yourself properly by pace. In most races, only fast runners should line up near the front. Walkers and slower runners need to take their place at the back of the pack. There is nothing wrong with this and it will allow everyone to have the best race possible. When people line up accurately according to their pace, everyone is safer and happier.


You never know where the camera might be- on course, at the finish line or post race festivities.

Stay to the Middle

In most regions, the outsides of the course are for passing. If you are not passing, but rather running with the body of runners, stay to the middle of the lane. This will allow people to pass on the outside instead of having to weave back and forth around people.

Thank the Volunteers

The volunteers give their time and make races happen. Smile, wave, say "thank you", even grunt in their direction to let them know you appreciate what they are doing. Hopefully, they'll keep coming out to help, so you can keep enjoying the races.

Be Aware of Those Around You

When you are racing, it is easy to lose yourself in your thoughts and forget about the people around you. This leads to people being cut-off or even being tripped.

Have Waterstop Courtesy

Be especially aware of people around you during waterstops. It's important that you don't slow down, or start walking, directly in front of someone else who is going faster. Please make an effort to throw your cup at a trash container. If there aren't any available at the waterstops, then toss the cup with other cups. Try not to have them spread all over the course; remember, someone has to clean them up.

Clear the Chute

When you cross the finish line, don't just stop to catch your breath. You actually need to continue on out of the chute area before you stop. If you stop directly after you cross the finish line, you may find yourself being run over by others trying to cross behind you.

Run or Walk No More Than TWO Abreast

Other runners will want to get by you. If you are walking in a group, please start in the back.