Track Shack Fitness is proud to offer a variety of Training Programs to the community of Central Florida. We aim to improve your quality of life by stretching your legs, pumping your heart, opening your mind, and uplifting your spirit. Our training programs assist you along your journey to attaining better health and fitness.

Upcoming Training Programs

Cheetahs Running Club >>

With this program we hope to create an environment where kids will enjoy their training through games and practice runs at the Blue Jacket Park in Baldwin Park. 

Begins in June

Contact Coach Dave Dickinson for registration

Marathonfest >>
MarathonFest is a three day a week group training program for both the Half and Full Marathon distance.

Begins Tuesday, June 2

Registration is open!

Galloway >>
The Galloway training method is a unique run/walk/run® style of training that minimizes injuries and enables participants to achieve their goal of completing a marathon or half marathon.

Begins in June 6, 2015

Registration is open!

Baker's Dozen- Half Marathon Training
The Baker's Dozen is a Half-Marathon training program designed to prepare runners for the OUC-Orlando Half-Marathon and/or the Disney Half-Marathon.

Begins in September 2015

Registration is coming this summer!

W.R.A.P >>The Walk-Run Accomplishment Program (WRAP) is for adults interested in beginning a running program to improve their overall fitness and health.

Orlando Daytime/Evening: Begins in August
Lake Mary: Begins in August

Registration is coming soon.

Five & Dime >>

Got the need for speed? “Five and Dime" offers serious coaching and friendly competition in a very social atmosphere. 

Begins in August

Registration is coming soon.

Training Talk

Training articles with tips, advice and guidance for every runner by Susan Paul, program director for the Orlando Track Shack Foundation. Susan Paul is an exercise physiologist, and was named "Super Coach" by Runner's World, July 2007.