Helping nonprofit organizations raise money by participating in local road races.


Ideal for organizations that have a fundraising goal.


Promote your organization to thousands of local runners and walkers.


Many organizations want to create their own race to raise money for a cause. That takes thousands of dollars and months of planning and no guarantee of participants or fundraising. By partnering with a Track Shack event, your organization can enjoy all the benefits of a large event and none of the risk!

Entry Program

Through C.A.R.E. Program your organization can buy discounted race entries and resell them to your supporters.

Here's How:

  • Purchase entries to a select Track Shack event. See eligible events below.

  • Re-sell race entries to your supporters! All funds raised remain with your charity. Minimum purchase of 25 entries required (for C.A.R.E. discount).


Race Entry Fee = $25
$25 Race Entry Fee + $20 donation from supporter = $45 Total from Supporter 

Charity keeps the $20 donation from supporter!

Approach 50 people to run and donate for $45... that's $1,000 raised!

Eligible Events

  • July 4th - Watermelon 5k

  • August - Celebration of Running 5k

  • September - Battle of the Bands 5k

  • September - Run Nona  5k 

  • October - U Can Finish 5 Miler or 2 mile

  • December - Reindeer Run

  • January - Park Avenue 5k

  • February - Lady Track Shack 5k

  • February - Run 4 Love 4 mile

  • March - Winter Park Road Race 10k or 2 mile