Jon Hughes
Betsy Hughes
Natalie Casey
Vice President Communications
Tom Ward
Vice President Operations
Bruce Egeland
Nathan Adams
Buyer/ Manager
Chris Hughes
Directory of Retail Operations
Doug Heitman
Director of Operations
Sarah Brown
Director of Marketing and Business Development
Michelle Maretti
Director of Finance
Alicia Albert
Senior Event Manager
Kim Bruno
Event Manager
Annie L. Thompkins
Registration Manager
Mike Zwer
Timing Guru/ IT Consultant
Michele Ward
Timing Guru
Susan Zwer
Registration/ Timing Consultant
Susan Boucher
Marketing Assistant
Maria Competelli
Promotions and Activation Coordinator
Matt Painter
Training Coordinator/Manager
Brandon Dey
Receiving Manager
Katherine Muscedere
Expert Staff
Ram Khalmuratov
Expert Staff
Andres Fernandez
Expert Staff/ Timing Team
Drew Lanier
Expert Staff
Jamie Schramm
Expert Staff
Jake Brooks
Beth St Pierre
Donnie Cook
Expert Staff
Kerrie Gregory
Wellness Outreach/Galloway Training Director
Linda Pistulka
Expert Staff
Sean Obinwa
Expert Staff
Sue Donnelly
Expert Staff
Savannah Wechsler
Expert Staff
Tommy Daly
Expert Staff
Lorraine Hardaway
Packet Pick-Up Staff
Ceica Egeland
Packet Pick-Up Staff
Rose Reeves
Packet Pick-Up Staff
Caitlin Waldmiller
Packet Pick-Up Staff
Susan Paul
Training Program Director
Bob Brosnan
Dave Dickinson
Wayne Talbott
Amanda Lappas