Run 4 Love 4 Mile Presented by Florida Hospital




7:30 AM

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Winter Park, FL
Run 4 Love 4 Mile Presented by Florida Hospital

Date, Time & Location

Saturday, February 10, 2018
7:30 am: 4 mile 
9:00 am: Florida Hospital for Children Kids' Run
9:15 am: Costume Contest
9:30 am: Awards Presentation

Showalter Field
2525 Cady Way 
Winter Park, FL 32792


Single? Married? It's complicated? This event is for everyone that has found the love of running and walking and for those just starting to look for it! Bring your loves and experience the euphoria of a healthy lifestyle.

Safety is our first priority!

Bicycles, roller skates, in-line skates, and dogs will be prohibited from the race course. The use of headphones is discouraged. VIEW EVENT POLICIES. 

Stroller Restrictions

• Stroller/jogger operators start behind designated stroller signage.
• Stroller/jogger operators may walk/jog no faster than 15 minute per mile, a safe operating speed. If your speed goes faster than 15 minutes per mile pace, you may be disqualified.
• Stroller/jogger operators must yield the right of way to runners. Stroller/Joggers can tip easily and cannot turn quickly. Please do not weave through packs of runners. 

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