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Orlando, FL
Monthly Ask the Expert- Physical Therapist

INJURY SCREENINGS with Florida Hospital Physical Therapists

With a shared vision of creating a healthier and more active community, Track Shack and Florida Hospital have teamed up to provide convenient and complimentary injury screenings to help keep you running at your best. Florida Hospital physical therapists have an expertise in not only treating runner’s injuries, but also helping to prevent them.

Celebration of Running 5k presented by Florida Hospital

• Wed. 8/15/18 during bib pick-up at Track Shack from 5:30-7pm. Meet Justin Hess. 
• Sat. 8/18/18 at the 5k. Meet Trevor Hicks.

Florida Hospital Battle of the Bands 5k 

• Wed. 9/12/18 during bib pick-up from 5:30-7pm. Meet Doug Allen.
• Sat. 9/15/18 at the 5k. Meet Phil Agostinelli. 

U Can Finish 5 mi/2mi presented by Florida Hospital

• Wed. 10/24/18 during bib pick-up from 5:30-7pm. 
• Sun. 10/28/18 at the 5 mile & 2 mile. Meet Sheila Klausner & Julian Richards. 

OUC Orlando Half Marathon and Lake Eola 5k

• Wed.  11/28/18 during bib pick-up from 5:30- 7pm. Meet Sheila Klausner.

Greg Warmoth Reindeer Run presented by Florida Hospital for Children

• Wed. 12/12/18 during bib pick-up from 5:30 – 7pm. Meet Julian Richards.

Park Ave 5k presented by Florida Hospital

• Wed. 1/16/19 during bib pick-up from 5:30 – 7pm. 
• Sat. 1/20/19 at the 5k. Meet Mary- Christine Cerrado (Dobbie).

Run 4 Love 4 Mile presented by Florida Hospital

• Wed. 2/06/19 at bib pick-up from 5:30- 7pm.
• Sat. 2/09/19 at the 4 mile.

ZKS Winter Park Road Race presented by Florida Hospital

• Wed. 3/20/19 at bib pick-up from 5:30 -7pm. 
• Sat. 3/23/19 at the 10k and 2 mile.

Run for the Trees

• Wed. 4/24/19 at bib pick-up from 5:30- 7pm

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